Ramón Ramírez -Cartoonist

Hello from Smarty Cartoons!

Ramón Ramírez is a vibrant cartoonist from south Texas that loves to turn his stress into humor. Smarty Cartoons began as a comic strip in Corpus Christi, TX at Del Mar College in 1987. Ramírez is a motivational speaker, has 28 years experience as a high school art teacher and 31 as a professional cartoonist. Known for his creative projects such as "Teacher Toons", "Dating Toons", "Only in the Valley", and the latest project known as "Raza Toons" where the famous "Raza Reports" are a featured item on his YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/smartycartoons. 

His clients range from local to international. His vibrant list includes "DG Lifestyle Store" in Hong Kong, China, a corporate logo for actor Marlon Wayans and production of many fun caricatures, mini canvases, digital artwork and the creation and performance of fantastic puppets that make up the cast of Smarty Cartoons.


Ramirez puts a lot of heart into his work which puts a vibrant element into his creations that generate a positive vibe for all to enjoy. Vibrant colors and humor are his weapons of choice to help others take on the stress that many encounter. 

Ramírez enjoys meeting and supporting creative people. He enjoys networking at comic conventions, sharing great laughs and making new friends. Thanks for your support of Smarty Cartoons.

  This page is dedicated to those that dare to dream and give it their best. Ramirez' daily goal is to be a blessing to others.  Smarty Cartoons celebrates it's 33rd year of cartooning.